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4 responses to “What does this say for the love of God???

  1. bqeman ⋅

    Now you know how us red/green deficiency people feel when we fail those stupid dot tests. I remember how bad I felt when I was the only who couldn’t pick out the number or letter in the pool of dots. I remember going to Albany NY to test for the NYS Parole dept. I passed every part (even the physical believe it or not), but then failed the dot test. When I asked why it was so important, I was told I needed to pick-out license plates against indistinguishable backgrounds. I suggested they give me a page of plates and see how I did. I conceded that if the car was painted in those stupid dots, I might not be able to pick out the plate #, but the likelyhood of a felon violating parole being that creative was pretty unlikely. They then suggested a get a single red contact lens for one eye, which somehow would compensate and allow me to pass the test. I turned them down as I didn’t want to walk around with one brown eye and one red eye.


  2. Mack Burly ⋅

    Excuse me but WTF does this say? I can’t make it out.


  3. Tara

    Loved this post. So true. Damn those things.


  4. Jennifer ⋅

    Thanks so much for making me laugh this morning! I certainly share your frustration of sitting down at the computer to complete a task that will only take “a couple minutes” before heading out the door for work, groceries, etc. only to find that 20 minutes later I am not only running late, but I haven’t even accomplished the task!


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